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Cast of Characters

Thomas Jefferson Craig ("Tom")

Jeff Brody

Tom was born in Rye, New York in 1974. His father, Kent Craig, from a Utah-based family, is a film and television director, and founder of a Hollywood repertory stage company. His mother, Victoria Knight, was born in England and worked as a flight attendant. In 1986, at the age of 12, young Tom made his debut on television as the little kid who ate a tub of margarine, on the commercial for “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter.” Tom also appeared in the regional production of Rent with David Hasselhoff playing the character "Doug" who befriends Kitt when he loses his memory.


In 1992, Tom was accepted to NYU’s prestigious Tisch School of Acting and appeared in several student films and commercials. He graduated with honors in 1996, and stayed on as an Associate Professor for 3 years, while also booking various stage and screen productions in NYC. He then received a job offer to teach theater at the University of Texas, and moved to Austin, a career move that helped pay off his massive student loan bills.


During the 2000s, Tom’s acting career peaked. In 2005, he won the Lone Star Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series, Musical or Comedy, for “Oh, Brother” (2003), and received other awards and nominations.


Now staring down his 40s and in the throes of a mid-life crisis, this steady and reliable actor has become somewhat jaded about the business, though he still hopes to get his big break and move to L.A. where the real acting scene is.


Tom met Brooke Winters at a red carpet premiere in 2004 when a mutual friend, the popular Austin agent Kay Beckham, introduced them. They dated for a few months before deciding to tie the knot in 2005. Aside from their showbiz ties and their initial passion in bed, Tom and Brooke have little in common. The flame that burned wildly has reduced to a flicker, and Tom harbors some regret for getting into a situation that prevents him from realizing the success he knows he could attain if not tied down.

Age:                 43


Occupation:    Actor, part-time phone support rep


Status:            Married 10 years, to Brooke Winters, no children


Hobbies:         Outdoors, kayaking, fishing, bike riding


Fears:              Being alone, not being well-liked


Secret:            Resents Brooke for keeping him from fully pursuing his dreams

Brooke Winters

Paulina Manseau

Age: 35 

Occupation: Publicist 

Status: Married 10 years to Tom 

Hobbies: Fine dining, art galleries and wine sampling

Fears: letting her sense of pride and independence keep her from being happy, even though she likes that about herself. Ending old and alone. 

Secret: Brooke is in love with Jesse Mack an extremely famous actor.

Brooke Winters was born in Los Angeles, California, in 1982, an only child. Her father Dan Winters, a lawyer from Los Angeles, and her mother Luisa Guillen, an Argentinian journalist, met in 1980 in Buenos Aires when he visited the country. Brooke's parents, both of wealthy backgrounds gave her a cushy childhood. When Brooke was eight, the family moved to Austin, Texas, where her father founded an incredibly successful law firm.  

Brooke attended Texas Tech, graduating in 2004 with a degree in International Affairs. She dabbled with the film scene for some time, eventually choosing to become a publicist at her father's firm where she interned for a year.


Brooke met Tom Craig at a Tommy Lee Jones movie premiere at the Austin Film festival, in which Tom had a small role.

Brooke married Tom after a whirlwind romance and surprisingly managed to stay married to each other for 10 years, their relationship severely declining in the past five years.

Brooke met Jesse Mack, a famous actor last summer while he was in town filming a movie for Michael Bay. Brooke was in charge of handling publicity for him during his four-month stay in Texas. At first they heavily flirted but now that he is back for the Michael Bay sequel, they graduated to sleeping with each other. 

Lisa Shields

Katusha Robert

Age: 29 

Occupation: Actress 

Status: Single

Hobbies: Biking, camping, book coloring (for anxiety) 

Fears: N
ever finding true love, Public speaking...can't do it.

Secret: Got married and divorced at a young age.

Lisa Shields was born in 1988 in Cottonwood Falls, Kansas. Her father, Rusty Shields was a local insurance seller and her mother Stacy Shields a delightful homemaker. Lisa grew up in the typical American small town, and did all the things a small town girl does. She was a cheerleader in high school and dated the quarterback of the football team.


Lisa did not let the small town keep her from pursuing her dreams. She moved to Austin to live with an aunt, a major step up in pace and sophistication from her population-1,500 town in Kansas.


Sadly, her aunt passed away from emphysema last year, resulting in Lisa inheriting her aunt's house and five grumpy cats.


Lisa has big plans for herself, and is saving up to make a big move to Los Angeles, where she knows all of her dreams will come true.


Lisa has developed feelings for Tom, whom she finds caring and in tune with her plans. He supports her and applauds her goals -- unlike her family, who view the whole acting thing as a silly phase she must get over.

Jesse James Mack

Adam Duncan

Age: 36

Occupation: Actor 

Status: Single

Hobbies: Wine sampling, art auctions, martial arts, car and bike aficionado...when not working

Fears: Being a failure, trusting people with ulterior motives because of his job, like the president of his fan club. 

Secret: Jesse fell in love with Brooke while he was in town filming a movie for Michael Bay.

Jesse James Mack was born in 1981, and raised in Texas. His father was James Mack, a former oil businessman and his mother Kitty Dawes, was a beauty queen who became Miss Texas in 1978. He has younger siblings, all in the oil business. 

Jesse graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2004, with a degree in Theatre Arts. He moved to Hollywood shortly after graduation, hitting it big, at first appearing in Calvin Klein underwear ads, and eventually landing his first starring role opposite Bruce Willis.

Jesse is now a big action star who keeps in shape and is an avid martial artist. He performs his own stunts, an accomplishment he is very proud of. 

Jesse became smitten with Brooke last summer when he was in town filming a huge film. Now that he is back in town to film the sequel, Jesse finds himself seriously falling in love, jeopardizing his work ethic on set.

Sean Dudley

Jonathan Flanders

Age: 36

Occupation: Actor, singer, humanitarian 

Status: Single

Hobbies: Charity work, gardening, hiking

Fears: Climate change destroying the planet, animal abuse

Secret: Once ate a steak in a teenage moment of rebellion against his mom

Sean Dudley was born in the wrong decade. A true hippie at heart, he epitomizes every bit

of the “Keep Austin Weird” vibe. He’s more at ease in tie-dye and Birkenstocks than

anything with a collar or buttons. A vegan since high school, Sean believes that the

Earth is special and needs to be actively protected. As such, he donates his time and

what spare change he has to the charity du jour, leaving him penniless but deeply

fulfilled. He works weekends at a co-op, but quickly spends his earnings on the fresh

produce he buys at the Farmer’s Market and his protein drinks at Juiceland.

He got into acting as a lark, when he answered a casting call for extras in the movie

“My All American” and has somehow managed to be very successful, despite never

having had a single acting class, agent, or much of a clue about how the business


Sean is deeply spiritual, has a caring heart, and respect for everyone. His reverence

goes overboard towards Tom, whom he views as an acting legend. He often naively

misinterprets Tom’s words, and considers Tom to be his best friend. Tom,

meanwhile, can’t stand Sean because despite his unorthodox approach, and the fact

that Sean manages to book all the roles that Tom feels he should get.

Nicky London

Jennifer Lauray

Age: 40-ish

Occupation: Casting Director 

Status: Single

Hobbies: Competitive baking, yoga

Fears: B
eing judged, losing her status

Secret: Nicky cheers for both teams.

Nicky London was born in Dallas, Texas. Daughter of a Baptist preacher who disowned her after finding her making out with a girl from school at 14. Nicky moved out of her parents' house soon after and lived with relatives until she turned 18. Straight out of high school Nicky moved to New York City where she pursued acting. 


Finding little to no success in front of the camera, she turned behind the scenes for work, finding her strength in casting. Nicky became widely successful, eventually winning several Emmys for her work in large TV productions.


In 1998, she decided to come back to Texas after longing for a quieter life in the country. Her success followed her to Austin, making her the number one casting director in the state.


Nicky can be sometimes be viewed as cold and calculating, but she is well respected by her peers.


An active feminist, she enjoys yoga at dawn to start her day.

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