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Product Placement Opportunities

How would you like to have your product or business featured prominently in the hottest new comedy in Texas?

Get in on the ground floor of this awesome new opportunity!

For investments starting as low as $500 per episode, we will showcase your brand within the show. The characters could be drinking your smoothie, taking your ride share company, or using your hair product.

With our innovative marketing strategy, we can guarantee you a minimum potential audience of 100,000 viewers (aka potential customers) who live in the Austin/San Antonio market, customized to demographics suited to you! Want to reach women under 30 who enjoy yoga? Married businessmen in the market for a new car? We can tailor a campaign that feeds right into your business model - all while showcasing your brand in a positive light in the funniest comedy show filming right here in Texas.

To learn more about this exciting opportunity,

please contact us at 210-901-9250 or

How it works

Episode 2
Scene 7A
Tom and Brooke go on a double-date for dinner and drinks after work at (YOUR RESTAURANT, MENTIONED BY NAME, AND SHOWN THROUGHOUT THE SCENE).
Your customized package:
  • Sample investment: $1,000
  • Potential reach: 100,000 viewers
  • Sample target demographic: Professional women age 25-49, who enjoy wine and live music.
Additional benefits:
  • Your brand shown in credits
  • Your brand mentioned in press releases
  • Your brand listed online
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